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Throwing technique

Knowing how to throw a boomerang is not innate because the gesture to achieve is not necessarily natural. Several points must be respected in order to properly launch your boomerang without neglecting security.

1We advise you to start choosing a day with very little wind and a place clear of all obstacles (field, football field, parking or beach).

2It is important to know the direction of the wind because you will have to make your throw in function.

3For a good grip, you must hold your decorated side boomerang towards you, the flat face turned outside. Held at the end of the blade between your thumb and forefinger, you will break your wrist slightly to bring the boomerang back almost to your forearm.

4You must observe a tilt of about 20 degrees to launch your boomerang. Note that it should not be thrown flat like a frisbee because it could be dangerous at the reception. Practice without forcing and you will gradually get the right gesture.

5Face the wind, aim a point 45 degrees to the right of the wind for a right-handed and left for a southpaw. You are ready to make your launch.

6Try to throw your boomerang slightly upwards, giving it a maximum of rotation, without too much force it is useless.

A good pitch will allow the boomerang to come back to you. It will be necessary to catch it at least at the beginning between your 2 hands in sandwich. You can then imagine other more creative catch-ups.

Depending on the return of the boomerang, adjust your next throw (more left, more right, less flat, etc.) to get the best result.