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Aviation birch plywood is produced in Finland according to the strictest principles of sustainable development. Our suppliers are pioneers in environmental care in the Finnish forest sector.

Our wooden boomerangs are crafted with aviation birch plywood

BoomerangFan uses the best plywood available namely aviation birch plywood made in Finland.

It differs from standard birch plywood by having a smaller thickness of plies. This aviation birch plywood, produced from sustainably managed forests, provides better structural quality and greater stability. There are different thicknesses of 3, 4 and 5 mm with respectively 6, 8 and 10 thicknesses of glued veneer. This large number of plies gives this plywood good resistance, good density and allows a superior quality finish.

This plywood is more expensive but it allows us to offer you very high quality Boomerangs.

We use the 3 mm thickness for our light initiation or leisure boomerangs with a range of 15 or 20 m like the Helix.

The 4mm is perfect for recreational and high-performance sport boomerangs like the Original Jaguar.

The 5 mm is reserved for larger boomerangs with large wingspan like the Natural.